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Christmas 2005

Merry Christmas ^_^
Hope everyone is having a nice holiday season! :) Take care and best wishes!

...more about my Christmas celebrations

Christmas Eve:

Day for preparing for the house and getting the food ready... dishing out applesauce, sour cream, organizing the cookies, and most importantly brining out the presents and putting them under the tree!
It's a custom for Matt and I to open our stocking presents on Christmas Eve. We open one every couple hours. I ended up getting some cute things! A little diary, "nerds" rope candy, snowman pez dispenser, a nice photo of Matt to take to college, ...
For lunch, my father, brother and I went to China King Buffet. It was so good but I ate far too much! The rest of the afternoon I laid on the floor of the living room (which was cleared out for Christmas morning). I got better by evening and went to church. The service was beautiful - as always! The candles are so nice and we sang a lot! :)
Returning home, we snacked on cookies and took it easy till about 11 or 12. At which point we all went to bed.

Christmas Day:

Woke up periodically throughout the 2, 5, and 7 am. I never got back to sleep after 7. I actually made my way to the living room and snuggled under a heavy blanket on the couch and looked at the presents...So many shiny presents!
Church was from 9-11:30. After that was finishing and eating the Christmas lunch! The ham was so tender and the potatoes were really good! I made name cards for each place (with the help of the rest of my family) with everyone's names in English, Japanese, and Braille! Each one had a cute construction-paper decoration - I got the candycane, Matt got the star, mom had a snowflake, dad had an angel, gram a Christmas ball, pap a tree, and Nancy a present.
At about a quarter after 1 we started opening presents!
I got mom a really pretty Japanese decorative-doll and I think she likes it^^ Also, dad has been reading the two books I got him (one a bio of Reynolds, and one a Japanese book).

As for me, I got: some shirts, new pajamas which I am wearing right now (pink and VERY soft!), 2005 State Quarters, Clamp no Kiseki 11 & 12, Genji manga 4, 5, and 7, two Jars of Clay CDs, a sushi making book, a Japanese jewelry box and some cross charms to make necklaces from! I made out well^^

All afternoon I rested and this evening my brother, dad, and I played two LOTR board games. I lost both! noooo!
It's been really foggy all day. Foggy and rainy. Around 4 pm the whole outside turned a pinkish hue, but the clouds and fog hid the sunset. We still have about 4 inches of snow on the ground...

In spite of all of this, I couldn't seem to get in a Christmasy-mood. I blame it on the random classic movies I have been watching which confused me!!

Plans for the rest of the week include eating out at Applebee's, buying 2006 calendars, and spending time with my brother before he goes back to school...

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