November 21st, 2002


"The beginning ...."

"The beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct." -Dune
This is my very first entry. *stands in awe and gets a chill* Wow, this is very exciting desu nee. Now that I have finally gotten here, I don't know what to say at all!! I finished all my homework, and drew some Setsuka pictures. I also read the translation for Seishirou's Backstory. I don't think I realized I had never read the translation before! *Megan stands ashamed*....
OH YES! Thank Audrey-san for getting me started!!!!! ^__^ Thank-you! And to Reeves-sama, thanks for your, uhh, comments on getting started.
I need s scanner to put up a picture for this. I have the picture right here - auck so frusterating!! I have to talk to my professor about my tea-ceremony paper tomorrow. I hope he likes my idea..I have a hard time understanding him sometimes. I figure I better get used to it if I plan to travel abraod again...I can see it now: Reeves, Laura and me all tring to stuff bags full of manga into the glove compartments of the plane on the trip back home. I wonder if we will sell furoshiki in class again tomorrow..that was sorta funny. ZISHO DESU YO!!
My father asked me today if I minded getting nothing but Japanese comic books for X-mas. What!? Mind? That is all I ever want, so why buy anything else??!! Yay! I am keeping my eyes out for those SxS fan comics! teehee - but I don't think I will be getting any of those for Christmas..^^ My brother might be getting an X-Box, in which case, I will just have to bring his PS2 back ere to college with me, ne? Play a little Metal Gear and make a "bloody swath" of guards when I get ticked with school?! Sounds good to me!
It is about time to be ending this, I suppose, but I will definately be back!! Namarie and Sayonara (or rather, zya mata)!!