December 11th, 2002


College is cancelled. Doesn't that have an illogical ring to it?

Umm..I walked to the end of the hall, and all was quiet. I looked out the window as I heard that distinct sound - rain. I went back to the room and got my umbrella. Then I trudged downstairs to find a sign on the door. No classes till 10. But I was like: I don't really trust it, and I am up and dressed anyway so...
Outside I went. No kidding but the entire sidewalks were ice. In order to stay from sliding all over, on the way back me and Dave (who was also checking for sure if class was on) walked in the snowbank. There were a few people who showed up, but classes were cancelled till 10.
I got back "home" to my dorm and all the people were like no class at all. I was like, no till 10. They said, Megan, College is cancelled, I heard them decide it this morning. I fell on the ground and Thanked God - literally. Then, Jon from lab came and told me - NO LAB! I was like O my word..but I am sure we will have it sometime, beep it! I hope not, but I hate it so much and know better than to hope too much.
So. No classes today. Servo is about the only thing open, but it is looking like an oodles-of-noodles day to me. I am so freaked out about chem and chem lab....YARG! AAAAAA. I should work on my Jpn 150 Paper, but I am gonna be lazy and play Zelda. Maybe I shall beat it?
Yukiame desu yo.

Avoiding hw...could sink into a nap at any time

My Tea Ceremony Report is nearly finished. I am avoiding it. And I have sorta studied for bio the past few nights, so I am avoiding that too. I did not even try to march my body over to the Science Center at the time I would have had chemistry lab. I gave up. No lab for me. I have been doing little bits of work between Zelda for Gameboy, checking for emailed updates about chem (which have not come), and wandering online...I took the X Couple Test, and assumed I would get KotorixKamui since I have been getting all these boring answers to online tests - but I actually got SubaruxSeishirou! Yay - my favorites!! ^^ I was pleased. I took the X Character test then and got Satsuki. I am too lazy to work...can you tell?
I am impatiently awaiting an updated SSN from Audrey-san.
Mom and Matt are wrapping my X-Mas gifts which have arrived via post. yarg, I wanna know what they are
I am fed up with evolutionary theories on the Homo sapien origins. I just don't care. And It doesn't feel right.
Yuki(o) and Keiko have been on my mind for the past few weeks, but I have not drawn anything significant pertaining to them. I cannot wait till next Friday!!!! I can go home - and finals are OVER!
I wanna shoot up some RFII bots...and steal their dirty little blue flag teeheelol. o.O fire!! fire!!! run! don't let them take the flag! blast. *ouch*
-you are dead-


Reflection -> outlook

Setting: In Croatia (Mid-Southern Europe between Italy and Greece) there is a coastal city called Split. It was once Roman, and the old (like 300 A.D.) city walls and buildings still stand. There are four gates: Gold, Silver, Iron, and Bronze(?). In the center, there is a tall stone tower. When one climbs it, they can look out on the new city built up around the old as well as the Adriatic Sea in her glory.
Climbing those stairs, one finds windows carved out of the rock every few feet until they are all around you. Climbing it, you can only barely see the red rooftops of buildings, the tip of the waters. You can't wait to reach the top where you have a final view clearly surrounding you 180 degrees. Every window lets a little more of the picture through, like a puzzle peice is added. By the end, the puzzle is finished, and the view whole. The journey to the top is the best part. Each window is like a breath of fresh air and a taste of the total image. You wait expectantly for each glimpse..hopeful. Then when you get to the top, you have already experienced peices, so the whole is not as overwhelming in many cases. It is special, but the journey is over and it is rather sad. I live for those windows - peices of a whole that build up my hopes and obsessions. That is what glues me until the end. But the end of interests for me so often seem to fizzle out. The ones that don't are splendorous. The sea and city and gulls all going about their business is beautiful. It makes an impression. But time not only heals some wounds, but also wipes clean many feelings/memories/moments. Cameras cannot bring the smell of the salt, the overcrowded space, the cloudless is atmosphere which drives me. And especially those which foster obsession.
Conclusion: The journey is the fun enticing part, and the end is the glorious and nostalgic snapshot moment to be proud and sad and joyful all at once. Life is hard even in it's best moments. Being human is not easy, but the challenges and the complexity give it color and beauty.
(Now I sounds like Treize Kushrenada!!)