December 18th, 2002


Catching up...

I have not been posting messages because my days have all been the same.
Wake up around 10 am. Study and talk to family on AIM througout the day. I keep this in mind: I have to study for my bio/jap/chem final. LOTR comes out Wednesday/tomorrow/today. I can go home later..soo soon. Must keep focused on today and keep busy wandering around piles of notes, computer, etc. This is what you call taking one step at a time! If I were to allow myself to think too much I would either go insane out of impatience or worry over this last lingering chem final tomrrow...
Hopefully I will be seeing The Lord of the Rings today!! So I have been working on chem a lot the past two days since I finished bio and jap. One left!!
I cannot wait to get home and get presents. I am so curious to know what Nichole got me - some naughty anime!! ^^ I am so excited. I have so much to do before then - like pack and crud like that...and boy oh boy do I have a lot of need-to-be-washed-clothes - I love my mom!!! ^_^
Be back to post more later!!! The girls down the hall are ready to go eat! *sigh* If I can just hold everything together..


Not that I had a lot to say, but at least this way I do not have to study chemistry x.x
Oo The Mummy commercial. That has to be by far my favorite movie! But I am completely psyched about the LOTR Two Towers if we can get tickets *prays* I still have to pack for home. It is 24 quiet hours all week in the dorm and what have we been doing? um..staying up late joking around, haolding X-Mas parties (ok, Secret Santa, but close enough), and watching LOTR Specials at 11 something at night!! Whee!
I should study - but I feel overfull...I feel like at any moment I could collapse and crud - so full that I am empty.
I had a dream last night that I was either in RE or someone was trying to make RE in real life..stupid decomposing zombies - get the crud off o' me!!! RE = Resident Evil the game(s).
My favorite character in LOTR has to be Frodo Baggins. He is not as cool in the movies - he is way to much of a wimp and weak and helpless. Come on, in the book he is getting stabbed and walking for miles till he can't see straight and then he either rides the starving poney or crawls. He sits on Asfaloth (Elvish horse) when the riders are ready to overtake him and he sits up and pulls out his sword and tells 'em to go away and says some Holy Elvish Words!! Why can't he be as kick-butt in the film?! He like drops his sword and cowers...*growls at producers* Frodo is like a little Elf in the novels - smart, enduring, heart in pain, and at least he has the guts to try to save his life when enemies come after him!! Yes, the fact that he is loosing himself to the Ring is what makes his character deep and interesting, but he isn't dead. The undead can still do a lot of coolness!! He isn't standing around doing nothing like Subaru does sometimes (NO!! I love Subaru but sometimes I wish he'd do a little more...Please forgive me Sumeragi-san!!) Frodo is also cute, and when he is all Elvish and reciting poetry and stuff he is like beautiful, and when he is passing into the undead realm he is freaky-ness, but it is sorta cool, and when is is like INSANE on the edge of MT Doom he is just WOW! ^_^ I like Frodo and I hope I get to see the little guy tonight at 7:30!! Wish me luck!


Teeeheeee ^__^ I just got back from the greatest day I have had in a long time - wheeheee. Ok, here is what I have to say.
The Two Towers definately ticked me off. ;_; yes I am sorry. There was so much I wasd like YARG!
For instance:
Umm, can we say Arwen!! Ugh, I didn't like her before all over Frodo, and now she is just annoying making kiss-y with her man and getting all angsty-depressed(she has a right, but I really don't care. sorry)
Ok, then there was like Gandalf and his holy self. What the crud?! He was like doing magic and crud and shining -oo preddy, ne? Ug, that was toooo annoying too. His character is Shattered!!! He is all powerful and stuff and yet he sacrificed his character to be high and empty..
Then, what was with all the comic relief??? I hate it to begin with, and this movie did not lack...ugh.
Little things too totaly made me cringe and sigh angrily...

But! I did enjoy myself too!! ^_^
The top reason, can you guess!? Yay! Frodo Baggins the Ringbearer was coolness!! He finally got some guts! I didn't really like the whole thing with him wanting to hand the Ring over to the Nazgul, but it looked cool XD He was not his little *cowering-wimpering* self this time to my great delight!!! He was, well, part tortured-part insane-part under other control. That ring does good things to his caracter in my book ^_~ I love ya, Frodo, but I loved the protrayal in this movie
*GASPS* Can't wait to see crazy-undeadish-Frodo in The Return of the King XDXDXD The crack of Mt Doom *shrieks out of pure joy*
Umm the rest of the characters were all right I guess...The Ents were smaller than I had imagined but they were cool enough - whee lets make Sauruman real mad ^^ In the last movie my favorite place was Lothlorien, well, Moria was cool too. NoNO! My fav place was the River Anduin!! Well, in this one, I have to say .. Mordor. Yeah, that is a little morbid, but the buildings are solid and dark and the molten volcano and the eye and crud was like wheee fun! But, come on, where is the Statue without it's rightful head!?..*sighs*
I was feeling totally ecstatic earlier, but after I mentioned something about the Burning of Hobbiton, Dave got mad at me and I felt sad;_; I'sorry Dave-san! It made me feel guilty and I am not like I was - on that initial high...not like anyone cared, but ^_^ was me! I also had my octopus sushi tonight. That stuff is good! I am serious!!
I love Frodo, *heart-eyed*. I can't wait till he goes completely mad and looses his finger. I know, I know that is a terrible thing to say but I am really excited^^ What'dya think my fav. parts of X are? The happy scenes? No, I don't like black orcish gore - yes I do like watching dear little Frodo collapsed amid overtaking forces of mental evil eyes. (He did, too. The pain in his shoulder/back shot as the Nazgul made their guest appearance on the stage^^) *shrug* I wanted myslef injured and it didn't happen and I can't injure myself, so I enjoy watching others in a sort of more pure-heartfelt-innocent pain - ever since I can remember (I have no memory of the days before about my 13th year).

And So that was my LOTR Experience quickly summed up for this eveing before this entry explodes with it's great lengths...We shall see what the critics say, but I liked this better than the Fellowship of the Ring. It was more exciting, and kept moving from group to group/ place to place. It was interesting and fast paced. No great architecture, but great characters (other than the new Gandalf *weeps at the loss*).
I can't sleep now..I am too hyperactive. It was either that green tea from the Chado Ceremony or the Octopus! Or just my happy little soul jumping for joy!! Yay! Frodo shall go to find Shelob and Mt Doom - or he better >.< If they take that scene away from me I will have somebody's head!!! But for now, it is dreaming time..and time to digest the three hours of entertainment I have been fed..Thank you God for letting us go (there were seats for another 50 prob.) Now, it is waiting till NEXT Christmas!!! . . . . . x.x

(waiting is killer)