January 13th, 2003



I can't post!? Whaa?

Ok, well, obviously I can post now, but this message was recorded at 10:27:29 on the 1-10-03. It happens to be the anniversary of Frederick Fleet's suicide. On a lighter note, I am alone at home awaiting to go eat and see a movie with Nichole this afternoon. I watched the last few (30+) mins of The Fellowship - since Matt clicked the stop button right before Lurtz attacks Boromir. Arugh. So I saw the end, and got washed up, and was about to settle down to read the Silmarillion. I should be doing that right now. I am listening to System of a Down and typing this instead.

About the Extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring.
I am glad I own it. I like a lot of the scenes/bits they took out. Stole it from us they did my Precious. I liked all the Hobbiton stuff, which includes peaceful Shire landscapes, pub songs, and hide and seek from the Sackville-Bagginses. I also loved the moment when Sam points out the old trolls -that had probably always been there, but I never noticed it until now!! The whole Lothlorien sequence flowed a lot better, I though. The credits added were a bit lengthy, but I could use them as background music for reading mythological histories from the First and Second Ages (aka the orgins of the world and races and llong poems not featured in any of the films!!) I still have to finish watching my Tokyo Babylon DVD, too. So much to do and so little time.

Of all the Middle Earth races, I love the Elves. They are everything I ever wanted to be - well, minus their greedy spirit in the case of Feanor!! They are beautiful, sad, wise, and all that good stuff. I guess that is where I first found a love for language and an appriciation for glorious beauty (also found in..some anime!!!). My brother declares himself a proud Dwarf, but he does the best orc impressions, it scares me!! ^_^ My Dad always called himself a simple Bilbo. Yes. Sounds like him - the Hobbit, adventurer from the Shire. Mom still distrusts LOTR, esp. after the movies. Dad and her were "arguing" about that just the other night. And my little brother wants to join the military!! Kyaaa! I would love one day to translate video games - but that is just a wish^^.

Allright, I am dying to read now - one of my favorite chapters is coming up next: Of the Sun and Moon. Yea! Catch ya later when I return from my journeys!!

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began
Now far ahead the road has gone
and I must follow if I can
Pursuing it with weary feet
Until we find some other way

Not quite as belated..still late

Ah Gettysburg Soundtrack.
Yes, some of us have returned to college down in old Ge''ysburg, but not me!!!
Today I celebrate my birthday - yeah, it is not really the day, but we are planning ahead as I may not get home for the actual day, Jan. 28. I am getting ready to go food shopping - cups of noodles and breakfast goodies. Then Chinese for lunch!!

I played a lot more Halo co-op with Matt. Two whole missions in one afternoon - I did bad but it was a ton of fun!! We tried RF2, but it glitched and looked all beta-version-like....ewwy...not again x.x I tried out my paint set (sumi-e paints from Japan). My ink was lousey: too much water. I got through the most difficult chapter in the Silmarillion so far - of Beleriand, or in other words, a discussion of the lands and who lives where and where...I went through all my Elvish notes and am working on that again:
Alqua na ninque. Ciryar nar ninqui ar cirar.

Many little things

I was cut off from before. It is now after lunch - about 1 pm. All is peaceful. I am not on AIM. Life is nice. I am being very lazy.

Back to Elvish. I can do nouns, verbs in present and future, pronouns, accusative, genative, and some other little things. (I Elda Laurea linda nu i aldar ar I Elda Telpe cira nu i eleni. Yarg, I can't remember any words....that is always my problem.) I need to work harder on it though, and college, unlike my hopes, is no place to learn something new between classes. I am too busy spazzing about my work for class to undertake any sort of outside thing: fun or otherwise. I think, though, without the hated chemistry labs, I will be set to work hard on Elvish. ^~

Ohoh! And when I settle back in Paul Hall, I have a massive Japanese flag that needs a home!!!! It is so cool. I can't wait to hang it up - teehee! I wonder what all those polisci majors will say? The manga wasn't enough, so now I have the arsenal!!! LOTR and a Jap flag!! YEA! I really don't care if it upsets them - I think for fun I should be more politically incorrect sometimes - "Just ta show 'em!" I have sat under cover of headphones for a longlong time in college. Any thing like college where people say you will change or be greatly effected is not neccessarily true. You must choose to change. It is an oppourtunity, but you can still shy away from the brunt of it. Like me, I guess. ^^

I am so impatient for my Frodo plushie. It has been about a week since they started. Only three more weeks to go - I am a quarter of the way there - huzzah, as Matt would put it. I need to figure out the Elvish script. It is so getting on my nerves, and I want to learn it!!!!! I want to write and read the stuff. Sylvia!!!!! I need to memorize, but time..time is so Precious!

Another irrelevant note: last night Dad read us an article from a science magazine someone gave him at the Marriage Meeting last night. It was about what Jesus probably REALLY looked like. They said he was probably 5'1" of a strong build (snce he was a carpenter) with darker colored hair and eyes like the people of that region. And based on Paul's talk about the shame of long hair, his hair was probably short and most likely he had a beard. It was all based on the Bible, historical and scientific data, and a little common sense. My Dad had already made those points before, but now we know that it is really a hypothesis others have looked into. Cool.

I am running out of things to discuss. So let us follow the rule of the knife[paraphrased from Dune]: Something should be cut off where it is no longer of use and only drains the rest of the thing/plant/Flood^^ - so I shall end as long as I am going good.