January 16th, 2003


Ah the Life

These are the best times sometimes at times (and I like half of you half as well as...no no no).

I am here in college with some classes out of the way - Japanese 102, Asian Art History - and I have nearly nothing to do!! It is wonderful. Some may call it boring, but I am reading through to the end of The Silmarillion, enjoying the freedom, watching LOTR at late hours of the night, listening to Hellsing music to fall asleep, and enjoying my wonderful Japanese flag!! I am quite satisfied, and very happy! Oh, and I can't forget the fact that I have a new supply of food stuffs: banana bread, cookies, chocolate(dark and milk), cheez-its, and sour dough pretzels. Ah, yes. Life is good! Now all that remains to do is get a block of wood and carve me a little hobbit pipe! ^_^