January 20th, 2003



Life is starting to get better after a uh not so great Friday-Monday morning. I am in a decent English class now - I think - and the professor and me had a very nice chat before class around 1 pm (class was 2 pm). Then I made my work schedule for the library, and eerything until 7 pm looks bright. Lab tonight...blaugh. No!! BUT! NO CHEM LABS! Yes!!!! I am happy...a bit..a bit..
That is really all that I can say. I went from the pits of depression to yipee yay I am soooooo releived. It is the 13th day of the Frodo-making. I am getting ancy - not that I wasn't before. That's about all. I am calm and collected after a few very strenuous days. Has it only been 6 days that I have been back to college?! o.O