January 23rd, 2003


Kyaaaa *Megan agonizing about ROTK*

Ah never spend bored time online unless you are obessed and willing to face all the wonderful pain of wanting that which you cannot have >.<

Tee-hee, kedo - ii desu nee!
All right, ever since I found the Fellowship and Two Towers Screenshots I have been on a high. I am still awaiting the continuation of TT installments, though. Just my luck the would have to reorganize the very day I found them - but I wish them all the best!! (I love what you have done - Arigatou gozaimasu!!) Then, I found a few pics from The Return of the King! Yes yes! I did! Not like they are new or anything, but I was soo excited! One is on my wall, and hours of my life were spent in vain looking for more bits leaked from the Cannes footage from a while back..but I didn't find it or any new Frodo pictures from ROTK, even though I spent the evening and night and morning searching. I like to think I am pretty good at looking around the net, but only for topics that are..a bit obscure: like was Fleet married, or where are there scans from the latest X mangas and Asukas, and other such limited themes. *sighs* I have not yet gotten any emails about plushies. I need more pictures for my wall of Frodo and Faramir and Mt. Doom and Ithilien, but..I have to wait ;_;

Waiting is so tough. Especially when you are madly in love with something (like Lord of the Rings)!!! I have to say though, I am about or over halfway done in my Frodo-plushie wait, I have half my recently free wall space covered in LOTR:TT screens, some FOTR, and one ROTK, so..I can't complain, ne? ^^

In the real world, I have homework for this afternoon, and tomorrow and a bunch due by Monday, all of which I have gotten a start on, but is just not quite done.. The air outside is around 9 degrees F, and that is without the wind chill. brrr. I am sticking around Gbg this weekend..just to get work done - like I ever have it done? Nichole called last night around 11, and it was great talking to her. Reeves wants to work on the web-comic-to-be asap, but Dave also has hw, saa.. Life is so dull without something to drive my mind buzzing. Must avoid boredom, but I am constantly checking my email and running google searches. [If we had to pay to use Google, I would owe them my life and more^^].
Also, we were reading a book about people and what you will be as an adult based on birthdate. I will have to steal it again and put some of my stuff up here - it was quite humerous, if not interesting!

I have to take a stab at my English essay so I have less to do later, when I will be back on Google searching (no doubt)!! Ug, I don't know what angle to take with this assaignment, since my first and good idea won't be enough. *SIGH* work. If I could get a job that requires collecting random stuff about really wacky stuff and organizing it into some sorta scrapbook or forming a storyboard of some odd sort, I would perfect!!

Off from my world [sitting in my little happy, cozy anti-social corner with MY music, MY pics, MY time, and not owe anyone any guilt] to the real world...soon I will be getting to the Dreaming in Digital song on this cd, and it seems to sum up a lot!!

Annoyed >.

Yarg. Yes, I need to disappear and keep my stinkin' mouth shut. I am just trying to be sociable..man. Everything I do backfires on me. That's why I don't associate with people. I am extra-catious and always end up in more crud than before. I misewell just go off and disappear, like Ceile. If they keep bugging me. Yeah, so they care. *sigh* They don't have to. But it is what I am looking for. Ah well. What should I do? I am at a crossroads again. Do I sink into where it is safe and nice and beautiful..or do I join the world and be what they want? Yarg. I don't even care anymore. This talk is just a pain, a bother. What do they want from me anyway? Yarg. I guess hiding and being quiet doesn't work. Neither does obsessing. Neither does constantly working. I've gotta know. Now. be back later to comment on how it goes. >.