January 28th, 2003


Ah to summarize

This is my week so far (as compared to being on the verge last week, then recovering by this time Wednesday):
I had an interesting day yesterday..I had class from 8-9, work from 9-10, japanese class 10-11, lunch, work 12-2, english class 2-3, then dinner, and lab 7-10 at night - wow what a long day! And every Monday will be like that ~_~. Today looks better. And I guess all the people on my floor are throwing me a party..? Yay! They said they will order me sushi..yummm. I have about one week until my plushie-Frodo-doll is complete, so things are looking up :)

I should be studying for Jap class in like 15 minutes...opss ^^
I am talking to my mom about pig dissection! Namarie till later wheehee
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More birthday ramblings - not alone!

I just found out that I share a birthday with Elijah Wood, who happens to play Frodo!!!! ..meanwhile my ordered plushie ufo is of Frodo and he is my birthday present....I am sota too excited about all of this :P

Yay! That is just so ironiclly awesome! Good people must be born Januray 28th, desu ne?

What a great day!!! *jumps around dorm room* Lab for this week is over, I have im-ed old friends, got my room decorated while I was away, and Chinese food is . .on the way - not to mention all the stuff I have already written way too much about earlier...!! I wish this day would never end!! Yay!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL THE 1-28 Children of Illuvatar!!! *throws confetti* Let the party begin!!
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