January 30th, 2003


Skipping about

Well, I am not literally skipping, but, I am all awake and hyper. I am impatient for Frodo and tomorrow is Friday!!! I spent the evening trying to do homework, but being sidetracked quite too often. Reeves made me a new icon for my AIM - yay! ..mmm elven way bread sounds good right about now! I checked the shoppe today, and some new X/1999 plsuhies were up - Frodo must have had good company!! I am all packed for the day and weekend..I am ready for Halo, but just "ok" with work and classes..I am not thrilled, nor am I terrified. It is ok.

I got more LOTR pics today, and ones from Ithilien and stuff...I was thrilled..they are now plastered to my wall right by where my head and feet are in bed! I was pleased.

Ah, time passed so slowly today. Better that than in a wild blurr of work and class like Mondays and Wednesdays. My desk is cleared off for a possible resting spot for Frodo-sama. I am pretty well set. Homework is done, and some in advance. All that is left is to wait for my plushie pal!^^
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