February 5th, 2003


Can't focus...

My mind won't let me focus to get ANY homework done. Earlier, I saw in the library how life interweaves between people. The cart I processed and even QC-ed was taken by a friend and shelved. Loose ends were tied off there and in my mind. Then, I got my new screenname..misspelled and all. So I was gonna delete it and then I just ended up on a fruitless search for an AIM expression..I revamped my AIM without it and was all set and arranged to learn the art of icon making and start on my Japan House essay and draw for Reeves but my brain is fried from drawing bad Dune stuff and crud. I plan to practice up on MOH for Ghost Recon. That hasn't happened yet..I played a bit of the demo only. I am wondering where Frodo is, but probably for the first time in a long time I am so preoccupied that I cannot think about Frodo...>.<
What is wrong with me, eh ^_^

I must try to be productive but I feel as though all the crative juice within me has turned dull and wearying. Ug. Ok, let's go!...aww..nope. I just have no will power.

We shall see what happens next.
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