February 9th, 2003



Frodo is Finished! Yay! I was taken aback and in shock...I couldnt even look at the webpage...I sat, jaw-hanging, and breathless.
cant ..I...^_^
I wanna look but I am so nervous.....:D:DXDXDXD
--Laura-san: aws go on go on! ^.^hehe
but..o my word ...I um/.....*I am shaking* ^__^ okok...uhhh...but I...
*closes eyes and clicks button* i cant
kyaaaaaaaa I have been waiting for this for so long *cries for joy*
--Laura-san:lols u can do it!!!!!!!
teehee there he is awwws^^
with cloak n all
and big blue eyes
and furry feet too
I wanna cry ^_^ I..cant speak..wow... I am in shock
I did notice however - that he has normal ears as compared to pippin and the rest..which may be so his hood can go over his head;)in the books he had normal ears..saa hon wa hontoo desu nee [*Thinks* Dad will be happy to hear this]

That was the infamous moment! 12:22:20 Sunday, Feb. 9, 2003. I am still like - woah...yes, I spent the weekend with Sylvia n Laura. 'Twas funfunfun! Oishii sushi wa tabemasu yo. And we watched anime and Sylvia beat Sin in FFX and we all played Pump and I played LOTR and got the ring n stuff but then after successive captures by the stinkin' Ringwraiths I quit and turned in for bed.
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Looking back on the day

Here it is, the end of another day, another weekend, another week. I got a lot done this week: school stuff, icon learning, icon making, played pump, Frodo is done, and I made my very first wallpaper - wheee! I am quite satisfied with my work.

Here's some random stuff left over at the end-
[Talking about my icon of Frodo]frodo says: the wraith is calling me..must go to it..*Megan ambushed him and cuddles*!!!!!! Frodo says: get off! must put on ring..kyaaa!
Other than that, ummm. I dunno. I feel like I am running out of time!! I must make more wallpapers n stuff. Yay! I am only beginning to learn - now that I can put text in paint without it turning into a white blob and moving text around without opening a new box! I am a happy person, ne. Now all I have to figure out is "what to do with the time we are given"...tough stuff.
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