February 15th, 2003



"To bear a ring of power is to be alone"...soo..I am off on my own little solo journey to servo to find nourishment because I am starving. byebye till later.

I was rather cynical that everyone went off to eat without me yet complain when I DARE eatalone!? Ack.

I was pretty ticked as I walked down to Servo all alone. I was determined to go just to be annoying. But when I stepped out of the door and saw the pure white snow laying upon the Earth and ever so lightly still falling from the sky I was struck by the beauty of it and smiled. I couldn't be cynical in this place. I walked with a light step and actually enjoyed being alone on that path. I felt free. I ended up eating alone and no one seemed to heed or know it. But why bother to explain it to them.

"And I don't know what to say to you, but I smile anyhow..and all the time I'm thinkin'..."
Wow, Dido brings back a lot of memories, or feelings and colors of atmospheres of the past, specifically last year at this time. I love this music - it is one of my very favorite styles and I can go back to it anytie really, I just never do. Silly Megan.

I have a huge bio exam Monday and I want to work on My Quenya and Sindarin..soo I will post again later after I have had some "illumination"!