February 18th, 2003



Auto response from my friend down the hall: there are two very weird people in my room right now and they're scaring me...save me if you wish to brave their wrath!
Um, at first I am naming myself Cuivienen-Setsuka-chan, but then I use me ^^ I am lazy even in lj!
Cuivienen-Setsuka-chan *takes a hose filled with holy water and turns the knob to on with the nozzle pointed in your direction* be cleansed!!!!
Terri: lol!
Cuivienen-Setsuka-chan: muahahah
Cuivienen-Setsuka-chan: may god bless you
Terri: thank you...you as well when your roomie returns and is still weird
Cuivienen-Setsuka-chan: oh no....
Cuivienen-Setsuka-chan: *runs*
Terri: lol!
me: I think I heard you lol but yesyes
Terri: Megan you are truely great and funny
me: ^_^ lol myself

me (asking about roomate): is she ok?
Terri: she's fine now
me: ok
me: I always worry :'(
Terri: that's the sign of a great person...but you can't worry about other people's problems too much either...you have to worry about yourself too
me: ahh they had a lesson on that in one of my jap comic books [Tokyo Babylon!!!]
..yay! I never learn though:P muahaha
Terri: lol...me either
me: :)
.. yarg I feel guilty for not working...>.< *sigh*:\ what will ya'll do with me eh?

This ia all after a day of snow, pizza, and random websites with random information about very random mummies :D It was great stuff!
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Break from study time

Do I sound depressed? Listening to "Six Feet from the Edge" and researching Ecclesiastes and uh stuff - but I am as happy as ever!! Why? I have no idea?! ^___^ I should be depressed: I have a bio exam, lan make-up, and work and classes tomorrow!!! I should be like freaked, but I am sitting here in a short-sleeved shirt with huge icesicles hanging outside our window and 2 feet of snow on the ground! yay! I am genki. So there's a new icon I was working on while studying for my bio exam^^ Ah, I love Frodo because he is so determined in the book and so tortured in the movie..ahh. And of course, Dark Frodo is a manga-girl's dream, or is it just mine?!?
I want to play more Zelda..I finally got it saved after the beginning..I hate the first 3 days cause if you wanna stop you have to go through all the intro stuff all over again and again - kyaa the horror!
No Two Towers yet, but if I click very fast through the slideshow from my unzipped-file-pictures, it looks pretty much the same as the real thing^.^ I am desperate, what can I say? I am Megan, a desperate and colorful little child in some college in an old battle-town! Wheee! Life is good!

Remember your Creator in the days when you are young and He will be your hope under the sun!!! -Michael Card song "Under the Sun" straight from my favorite Book of The Bible: ECCLESIASTES (widom and emptiness! what a collection of interesting sermons)
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