February 23rd, 2003


Ah, back to my computer friend

I am back here in Gettysburg yet again! Time for homework and studying and other such business. This week will be a rough one. Work, Japan House Presentation, Tests coming up next week, Feild Trip this weekend..and some other various things. Ah, I hate homework sometimes..uh..all the time, actually..

On a much lighter note, I realized that I can combine my drawing and writing and anime love by ressurrecting my Aestalian stuff and giving it a new spirit. I have some good stuff to work with in my favorite characters, but the plot is all but stagnant and lost. Finn is my language man who goes into the enemy land and works underground with rebels and such. Then, there is another version of Finn who is a freaky, fish-eyed and shadow-loving creep who can manipulate words and records. Then, there is another Finn who is a history-buff and intellectualist, and is kind and pure and true and goes deaf and must learn to read lips and speak foreign languages. Then, there is another Finn who went into the battle and was injured with a shot to the back after escaping the melee of the bridge. Yes, the story underwent many changes. I also have Ambrass and Marathon and James Christian, my main character. Aww, I loved them and my country that I created for them *hugs characters* Yes, Aestalia was a land of sea and star and quartz. The creekbeds were mineral and the rivers clear. Night everlasted in the Northern skies, but the South did get some light. They could grow some crops, but very few plants grew there, only mosses and vines. The main industry was sailing artistic goods and shipbuilding. Ah, memories of forgotten tales come back to me ^_^

Maybe I will turn old Finn into an anime character and supplement it with drawings..wow, that sounds so fun. Too bad I have a crazily busy week..at least..no lab next week!!! I won't have much time to work on anything fun..how sad. Ah well, gomen for the long and lengthy rant about my old writing days! Please forgive me, ne