March 3rd, 2003


Modern Art v. Logic?

In comparing modern and ancient art, I see an obvious trend and ponder it. Old art consists of marble sculptures, bronze vessles, and lanscape paintings of Europe and Japan of such miniscule detail that we stand in awe. We must subconsiously realize the time and skill neccessary to produce these. Modern art is a bunch of mixed up colors and textures from which we must figure out meaning. [it can be like telling what you see in puffy white summer clouds I suppose, but it is hard to see how much time it took to produce] As far as needing to think and explain the reasons/motives/themes behind both Modern paintings, movies, and novels - My question is this: why does this day and age need everything to be explained - either to them or by them. Does it give them a sense of intellectual value? Do we not appriciate that which speaks for itself anymore: be it cloud or sea or star? Does there always have to be an answer, or rather, does there always have to be a question?

Maybe this is why I hate modern art. People don't know when to leave a good thing be. "Truth suffers from too much analysis" - One of the Dune Chronicles..I say Truth simply suffers from people's constant need to either cover or simplify it. '"Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic. "
--from "The Sayings of Muad'Dib" by the Princess Irulan ' That says it pretty well I guess.
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Dune settings!

Instead of studying like the good girl I usually I am, but I was looking at lists of hex codes and changed the look of my journal dramatically! There is a new icon up as of now - it will probably be changed in a few days when I am bored again. It is from the new Dune Miniseries and I claim it NOT to be my own - it belongs to those who created n stuff. They have copywrite and everything. I don't wish to make any gain from their images - it is just for personal aestheticness^^ Thanks for understanding...aka - I dont wanna get in trouble 0:) And how old am I? Hm...well, what can I say, I live on the politician and lawyer's floor so I wanna walk very softly, ne?
The icon is a pic of Paul Atrieds, I beleive, he is the Emperor of Dune in Dune Messiah. But he was known as Muad'Dib also.
I really have to get back to work now but yay on my new "layout"!! ^_^
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