March 6th, 2003


Rain to sleet to snow

I saw the progression of precipitation on my way to and from lunch. It was fun, especially the sleet!!! Weather is wonderful, especially when it varies like today.

Um..someone stop me! I have my Frodo plushie and I wanna order a Muad'Dib one now... Ah! [I love Dune!] Blue on blue anime eyes and a soft stillsuit and and and awwwss...*gives up* They cost so much $ and I don't know whether I like either version of Paul Atreides from the Dune movie/miniseries, and the book doesn't have pictures (obviously). I should begin a fund - help Megan buy more chibi-plushie-stuffed boyfriends!!! Hmm..I could custom my own, and just draw my own version of Paul, but clothing wa? hmm. I don't know. Don't let me go off wanting one or I will order him XDXDXD
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