March 18th, 2003


Odd mood - sick of doing...stuff

I feel like I don't wanna do anything - including make wallpapers, collect Dune quotes, edit my papers for classes tomorrow, a-im anyone, anything...hmm..what a horribly unproductive mood. ick. I have no news of importance that I can think of except that I got flying colors on both my lab practical exam and my asian art test. *sighs great releif* Um...I don't know what else is new um. Lab went well Monday - I dissected my bladder, kidney, and various urethra ureter tubes very satisfactorily. I was pleased. And I didn't even memorize everything from the book and reread the lab four times as usual. The weather is beautiful - sun and over 50 ot 60 degrees - no coat weather and warm and cloudy ahhh... I have to start researching my bronze bells of the Late Zhou Period this weekend majorly for a presentation. Hmm...yeah...Then I must study a bunch to catch up on lost time and all that. I am completely 100% unmotivated to do anything of value right now and I don't wanna get up early tomorrow - not like my sleep in days are much better but..7 sounds a lot worse than 7:30 and snoozing until 8:45 ^^

Paul-Muad'Dib, I love thee. I want to see COD Part 1 again...but alas..if only I could watch it on my computer..but I could watch Frodo - oh how tempting! heehee