March 24th, 2003



Truth suffers from too much analysis.
If I have a question I will ask it..for the most part. If I suddenly want to know how to say a certain word in Japanese I will ask, or at the dentist when they say floss at least once a day, I will ask whether in morning or at night because it is a questions that reoccurs for a random reason. But, I hate it when we are forced to think of questions, to make questions, and to form thesis and hypothesis. Questions should not be forced. It is an art for college studnets and can also be b.s.ed but that is not the point. The oint is lost when it is forced.
One should be free to observe the world, wonder about it, ask about it, learn about it..but not to be forced to look at something and try to come up with something to ask. That is unnatural and highly annoying to me. Such a bother. The truth suffers too when it is asked about just because that is required for a grade or something. Let the truth speak for itself and let God stir his own questions in you. Of course, asking questions is a good thing, but not when they are cheap, empty, and vain for the sake of assaignment. That is why I hate writing papers and going to lab. I would rather be free to postulate on my own. This is the same problem as socialism, however. When people are left free to work without a push or an encouragement they may work very hard - as the Amish - but most will be lazy and sinful and take advantage. If school did not force students to ask questions, most would not bother to think at all and take advantage of the system.
This educational system and this governemtn are neccessary evils thanks to one thing: sin. Blast it anyways.