March 27th, 2003



I am going to Otakon! Yay! But now I must figure who I will cosplay ...uhh..anooo...Maybe Sakura from CCS, or Subaru from TB, I wanted to do Setsuka from X, but I have never owned or worn a full kimono and think that option may be overwhelming. I also finally heard a part of the Children of Dune song at the end of the First Part which is ooh soo makes me wanna cry for joy cause it is so beautiful XDXD I NEED that soundtrack..*weaves plots to get a hold of it* I have so much studing and research to do I will do that now. Atlantis to Zhou Dynasty music to Muscle structure and more. sigh.
But I have Dune music and I am going to otakon - so it is all good!!! :D
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Another day of cosplay planning and no actual doing physical stuff. I studied and was tutored cause it is for class and I figured out two theses for two papers. I guess that is pretty good for one day.
I must say the best was Matt talking about the con and saying all this stuff about dressing as Sopot and or Vamp and ending with < /end sarchasm >
It was cute on the spurr of the moment.
Mom is helping me a lot with ideas for sewing stuff. She is so helful with everything I get myself into ^_^
I haven't talked a lot to Dad this week that I can recall. He is ok, I guess. Just so long as his mind doesnt wander and forget to tell him where it has been (Dad 2002).

I want to be a hunter again
To see Haaalooo again
To take a chance at Master Cheif again
Let me go
Let me charge
Let me kill Master Cheif and his Marines

I love Halo!!! Me and Matt made a "which race from Halo" are you quiz..well, we started it in a notebook, and I just reached that page this week - it was touching *tear* I see myself as a Jackle - hiding behind a plasma sheild, but pretty wimpy after you strip it off me! *hisss*
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It works!

I listen to the Fremen song Inama Nushif and want to pass out - it is sooo beautiful - maybe mostly due to the utter magnificent beauty of that scene in the Children of Dune Miniseries.
Well, I added some new pics here as my icons..I was thinking of making all three Dune, but little hurting Frodo was too angtsily cute to give up^^
Anyway - this song is like - the best thing ever to hit my life or something. I should be more obsessed with it, but lemme ensure you, it almost hurts to hear it cause I love it that much XDXDXDXD I don't know what it is but I should sooo make an icon series of it! I neeeeed the DVD!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh! And if I only had the lyrics I could make icons out of the pics avaliable now...maybe I will see what I can find..hmm...I wish there was more out there - come on everybody! Dune is great!
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I found the song and it's translation here - I may love solving languages but I am not good enough yet to do it this well ;) :D

Inama Nushif

For Best Results: Be Sure to Listen To Your Copy of Brian Tyler's Soundtrack As You Read

"Though we deem the captive dead, yet does she live.

For her seed is my seed and her voice is my voice.

And she sees unto the farthest reaches of possibility.

Yea, unto the vale of the unknowable does she see because of me

Let it be deemed the captive lives,for the seed is our seed.

He sees far off in the possibilities and remains calm over the memories of grief.

Let it be thought of the captive,precious seed of my seed,

The desert weeps for the profound grief of the prevented voices.

In The Original Fremen:

Inama Nushif

Inama nushif, al-asiri ayi
Lianni zeratha zerati.
al ir huda alman albaid
aya libarri adam alam.
Inama nishufa al asiridar
inufis zeratha zerati.
Kali bakka tishufa wahad
al'ir huda amon a gawlih.
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