March 29th, 2003

light, sun, psalm 27


I completed it. Even in the midst of despair for no reason I made all 15 icons based on the Fremen Song in Children of Dune's first night Dune Messiah! The bases are all from the new miniseries with part of the Fremen lyrics and a translated version of that part of the song all included on each. And since it was only 1:30 am I made a wallpaper of them and the original poem and it's translation and romanization.

I would post the icon series but for a few reasons:
-They probly arent good enough ;_;
-I don't know how :D
-I am fearful of posting my own work,..cause I never have before o.O

But the main point is that I finished them! I am so proud of myself ^_^ I finished an art project for once!
BTW, you can see a sample of one of my icons now above.

I am so awake and creative and happy that I can't sleep. Yay!
Well, maybe I AM a bit tired...hmm....well I am off to bed! Jya!!
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I know who I am going as now!
-Sakura from CCS in her fishy yukata
-Cornet from VOH in blue with cross
-Subaru from TB in white, black, and hat

Wheehee! I am getting closer. I am gonna play everything from the clinically innocent to the clinically insane! XD I am excited. Sounds like a good bunch for me!!
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