March 30th, 2003

light, sun, psalm 27

End of a Weekend

Another week ahead..sighs. It is always the same - I wanna keep doing dun irrelevant weekend stuff like draw and listen to music, but at 7 am the next day I regret it..especially if bio is dull. But we may get into talking about the eyes and maybe it won't be so bad. We are cutting into eyeballs in lab I know..I wonder how it will go..I am excited and repulsed all at the same time.
I drew some Dune-manga-ish stuff..the kids turned out cool, but I am not so happy with Paul. And he is my favorite character ;_; Well, maybe I will improve some more. I think my body is starting to adjust to college time and food schedules: as little food and sleep as possible without getting extreme at either of those ends. Somehow, though, whenever I go home I manage to eat a ton at the Chinese Buffet and sleep in 'till 11 everyday :)
Ah, listening to the song which was in my head on Graduation Day..odd song for that occasion...I was sitting up on stage with my Grad-gown and cap, three medals and at least three ropes with my speech in my sweaty hands - pics of Subaru and Seishirou as well as a genuine four-leaf clover taped on for good luck..and in my head all I can hear is some very random Japanese Pop song from the early 90's which had english lyrics!! But it was all good cause it was from my 'Tokyo Babylon' Image Soundtrack. I had just gotten it in the mail. That is my style: a mish-mash of all sorts of randomness!!! :D I have obsessions, minor interests, piles of Japanese comics, Dune books and files, tons of unused icons on my computer, a military jacket, LOTR stickers and valentines, a Japanes flag hanging behind my chair, and a Metal Gear Solid Figurine. That's ok, at home I have a Titanic wall, Majora's Mask (an actual mask like in the last N64 game), a typewriter, a record player, and a stuffed Kuna (fox-like creature from Southern-Eastern Europe)!!!
Ok, ok, enough about my collections. Maybe I am meant for museum work after all - if I collect at home, why not do it for a living? :D

and before I turn in..I am gonna listen to the COD song again ^_^
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