April 1st, 2003

light, sun, psalm 27

Hosted???!! Hontoo desu ka (Is it really true) :D

I am gonna get my own website - hosted at onestarrynight.com!!! I am so happy!! Everyone has been so kind there already via email and message board and all! I am practicing some html inbetween random cramming sessions for labs and presentations and classes...grr. I screwed up both my oral presentations today. In my Japanese oral test I should know better than to stand dumbly thinking...it gets me no where - I know now, though: ryoojikan is the consolate!!!!! sighsss..and in Asian Art I mispelled the Maruis Yi - GOMENNSAI Dear Marquis! *bows and offers congs and bi disks*
I am soooo busy, but in a good way - life is going by so fast it is like a blurr - it makes me happy and keeps my mind occupied. I am just doing so much!!
I better get back to it all!
Long live Dune and all who love it :D
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