April 2nd, 2003

light, sun, psalm 27

HTML and MT and CODES and all that! :)

I was looking around the different stuff I can on/through MovableType..I was lost at first, I really was. Now, I feel better. I found hex codes and matched up the colors just like it is coded. I was releived and excited at once!! I am all ready to set up a style for my layout: expect something pertaining to Dune!! XDXD
I hate being confused, but slowly all of this is coming to light and it is very simple when you know it :)

I found out today at work that I am meant to be an organizer..I dunno what job I could do that involved all day organizing, but there must be something! Me and my one boss, Pat, were spring cleaning all the Library Proccessing supplies: tapes, labels, binders, book covers, and old stuff they don't even use anymore! After I cleaned and reorganized I got to cover books and ready them for their life in the library:)

The day was beautiful - must be somewhere around 80 degrees! Me, Laura, Reeves, and Sylvia are all going for a picnic! We still have to figure out wher, but that's not important: all that matters is that we are going on an old fashioned picnic! It would be great to find a sopt on the battlefeild, but I have never walked from here to there...yes shame shame on me...;_; I have eaten at Devil's Den before, but not since I started college here. Oh, and that is Gettysburg, btw ^_^

I better get ready.
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