April 10th, 2003


Icons are up and running

Well, I finally posted my icons based on Inama Nushif, the Children of Dune song...it took me some time, yes, but I did it! Now, though, they don't look as good as I remember..um...*shrugs* Ah well, it is something ^_^ A start! There must always be a beginning to all things.
I am gonna collect the random Fremen terms I stumbled onto in the book COD and add them to the dictionary as time permits..and time is cruel sometimes ;)
But for now, I am gonna rewrite my lab on plant reproduction!! How exciting at this hour..>.<
My Atlantis and Bell papers are underway but far from finished and other than that I am just going from morning to night the same as always..:
Wake up and feel exhausted..sorta telling myself I need to make up my sleep...stay up late every night surfing the web, making Frodo icons and the like..wake up regretting it and promising I will get sleep on the weekend...when the weekend comes I just stay up LATER!!! :D:D:D
*shakes head* ^______^ Why do I do it? Cause it's fun 'n stuff. I get to be creative and drown myself in everything I love..the only problem:It is hard to draw in the dark while yer roomie is trying to sleep x.x

I can't focus...aaaaaaaaaa

I just..can't focus...I...

I need to get work done before this weekend...yargness....but my oomie is playeing her computer music list and watching mtv which is playing music and I am waiting for pictures to edit and stuff and to hear word from my parents and I am like aaaaa!

At least we got to paint in art history today!
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