April 22nd, 2003



Attack of the balloons and cray paper!! They decoated the door with this stuff but now all the balloons ( a whole sea of blue and green) are sitting on the floor and the paper hanging from the door eats me when I leave the room! Aaaaaaa! It is my roomate's birthday.
I wish I were in a more festive mood but uh..sigh. I am too busy worrying about homework while procrastinating - so it's my own fault^^
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I have a lot of ideas for my story - right in the midst of the busiest time of the year, too!!
I have a general plot laid - or strung out - and the gemstones sorta match up...now I must deign kimonos!!!!!! How exciting!I want a kimono!
Oh, time to celebrate roomies' birthday! then hw, hw, and some story planning!! Yay for writing!
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