April 24th, 2003


YAY I am a 'raad member now!

Yes, joined the Landsraad group on msn last night and immediately went looking for fellow fans on the chat room - and I found them, or they found me ^_^
I was on from 10-2 am having a great time, along with being slightly confused and slightly disturbed at points - but it was great! Everyone was nice and I look forward to talking to them all again tonight! Sometime before that I SHOULD start my ancient Chinese bell music paper..and study biology too for the lab exam...yeah..
I forgot to say: at Servo 2 days ago, they gave away glass coke bottles and gum cigars! I don't quite understand, butit was cool!
So, yes, I am now dubbed the new Dew, as my handle was shorted from Dew gatherer to Dew on the chat..^_^ ..*sighsss* I may regret that at some point, but..oh well..^^

Yes, time to collect some Dew..that is Mt. Dew for lunch, along with someother things! *off Megan skips..*
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