April 26th, 2003



I drew and colored in some cute-icized Dune characters on my website - look under the art page ;)
Other than that I have been studying bio lab notes. I may get to my paper tonight. I am just not in the mood - must make myself guilty and spazzed so I have an attention span for that. yarg, but not now ^_^

This is the drunkest weekend on campus of all year and it is ticking me off. I am sick of drunkards being loud and bugging me. I like alcohol to DRINK as a beverage on the rare occassion not as a means to become incoherent and stupid. I can do that myself ^_^
In addition, you can read my latest complaints on society on my blog, but at least the entry has a positive end^^ I love some people and am cheerful in the prescence of others and for the rest I am too paranoid to be open enough to do anything but smile :) I try to avoid making enemies or having them. I am a "peace" driven person, or so the personality test said!
So go check out Paul and the gang at my site!! They look forward to your visit!