May 25th, 2003


Just me

Is it just me, or has my mind been turning a lot towards one topic lately...and spending a lot of time here in my room lost on the net instead of being with family? Dad did say that one must leave family behind when they go off on their own etc.

But isnt it just a bit strange that we both hmmmahhh like the "You know you're a Dune fanatic if" post^^

I was in my element in the dark car listening to Matrix and driving a bit over the speed limit on the way home tonight and it just seems I am heading down a new path I havent traveled before..I am sorta lost but just following the roadlines.

and all that is fine and great, but then I remember there's another life outside that which I have to face - grr - like my job coming up and future plans and other duties!

oh, riddles, riddles, I am too tired!
I go to bed with visions of Japan and komonos^^