July 6th, 2003


Still not back in my room

My internet cd has still not arrived, so I am stuck in the office and missing my pictures folder, my favorites, my music, and my ac! lol

I miss updating this, but not too much has been happening that I really have wanted to yap about. Work comes and goes. Each day has it's tasks and problems and jokes. I get home and AIM is there, so I wait for hours till I end up in good conversation.. I dunno. It just makes me feel icky to talk more about what I am doing cause I already have to tell my mom and anyone on AIM all about it. I am sick that I can't update my webpage, but I can't cause all my stuff is on the other computer! yarggg. I am home - that wonderful place where I dont have to study, and I get that same feeling I always do in that situation: I feel icky. sighs. I don't feel fresh, for some odd reason. Probably because my alarm is frightening me at 7 am everyday! I love my livejournal - *hugs* I'sorries I don't spend more time here, but after I update visions, I get all typed out. geez.

Well, time to go check the AIM and let my brain fry in the summer heat! I need more Edgar A Poe! muahahahha! I must spew forth psychobabble! Yay!