November 15th, 2003


MY MANGA again

Well, I have been updating my manga progress back at visions a lot lately - my layout is of my one character Takege Akitsugu. Along with the writing, I have gotten into both minerology and mythology.

I am thinking of making one book or a small set of them dedicated to telling a parallel story of my main manga set with the characters as more like spirits from mythology just as an excuse to have more philosophical dialogue, pretty images, and dripping symbolisms. That's not even the same as the ending manga book for which I thought I would set the perspective and leave it there to watch. In other words, say "This book is viewed from the POV of rain" and have the characters filter in one after another throughout different years and places and just hold concluding-type monolgues.

So, I am really working a lot on expanding the manga but not on the actual production or detailed storyline! lol! I ALWAYS live backwards, whether it be in reading book series, watching TV series, the platonic ladder, everything!

So, maybe one day I will have a manga..time will tell!