December 2nd, 2003


The last rush....

It's that last dash before finals....It is so hard to believe it too! Next week is my last week of classes before the Christmas break! Thats the last day I will have my Greek Lit class tho ;_; I am sad...I will miss that professor soooo much!!

But I am too caught up in my work to feel upset - I have to keep myself going at a constant pace because if I slack off, I am gone! I have a project and a bunch of finals to study for before the end O.o; not to mention my drawing class work! bah!

I am working on coding for a new art page on visions, but since the file manager is not working at the moment...yeah..I am stuck. But soon, I will have a nice and neat artwork page ^_^ Cause my old one is cruddy and outdated. Not that I can draw good or anything now ^_~ teehee

I got an idea to do a story series from the perspective of the boat that carries souls to the underworld in Greek and Chinese mythology - like a series of views from passengers as they sail from one world to another and how they feel as they go. I would use all my characters from Akitsugu to Star'ton even...just to explore that dimension. (In my reading of the Aeneid, I got that idea^^).

Well, thats all my big news I suppose. But what has my MIND been up to? Getting images from Master and Commander!! It has been driving me all week! I finally learned how to get screenshots from my computer but the movie is in THEATRES and not on DVD for;_; *droops head*
Dr Maturin makes me wanna be a biology major all over again ^_____________^ If only they still needed naturalists...;_;
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