December 14th, 2003



I experienced something new today. In the past, I have been able to notice that I get kinda shaky-handed when playing with dominoes or other such games where one's steadiness is neccessary. But I never actually had my hands shake on their own very uncontrollably - until today. I was about to start my Japanese written final - which I was not worried about at all, btw. Then, holding my pencil to start I noticed my hand was literally quaking like it was having a seizure of it's own. No matter how hard I held it with my left hand, it wouldn't stop. It was very odd O.o Then, it later slowed and stopped...but for a while it was..kinda unnerving and rather intreaguing.. >.> <.< I would rather it didn't happen again tomorrow on my history final, though. ^.^
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