December 25th, 2003


Christmas Update!

Today is Christmas!
So let me think what I did today....
Morning: Open Presents...
Noon: Eat
Two-Four: Talk with family and gram and pap
Four-Six: Nap (and I NEVER nap! lol)
Six-Nine: Go to gram and pap's house to visit more
Nine-Eleven: Eat snacks of cookies, fudge, chocolates and play around on the computer. I have a new Master and Commander HOLLOM! themed-icon set:

And that's the general gist of the day. I got lots of nice presents - mostly clothes! O.o; which is odd for me...And most of the presents I knew - like the pink kimono from Japan, the Two Towers Extended Version DVD, 2 military jackets, the mini rock garden...But my parents surprised me with the HUGE LOTR:ROTK poster-calendar!!!!!!!11 YAY! It is so exciting ^___^ And I set out the rock garden for everyone to play with and that was quite fun too^^ You gotta love raking the sand and moving around the little rocks :3

But one of the coolest presents I got was a mosss agate bracelet. The stones are so neat. Some are very green and some look more like a quartz but each one has a natural and random patterning of dentritic-like mossy patterns throughout. It is very pretty and so unique! The PERFECT stone for me! And it even said that if your name was Maragaret, that this stone was for you (Megan is a pet form of Margaret from the Welsh^_^).

So, my Christmas was very good. I think everyone else had a good one too^^ Mom got a big thick comforter from dad that we had fun wrapping in paper because of it's size (especially when dad had it hald wrapped and had forgotten to take off the price tag..we had to unwrap it and start again - lol! fun times^^). Matt got some cool gifts (Matt being my brother). He got a huge set of LOTR mini figurines for role playing - Gilgalad, Elrond, Frodo, lots of Elf archers and men! He has quite a collection now! He is already in bed, too - poor guy was so sleepy^^ I guess everyone will be headed to bed soon...Dad is working on his big puzzle and mom's reading some book. It's pretty quiet here and I am all warm and cozyin my new penguin pajamas! ^^ So I guess I will call it a day and look forward to posting again as soon as I can get a free moment^_^
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