January 7th, 2004



As I haven't been able to sleep well lately, the topic of dreams has been on my mind. I don't dream completely vividly - as if I were there...rather, I dream in a very vague sense and only the emotion is left being with peices of the plot. It doesn't help that usually I add to my dreams while I am still half awake! And I usually don't change them for the better.


Also, even after spending a year in Croatia and majoring in Japanese, I have "never" had any dream in any foreign language...which is odd because I was told that many ppl do when they study other languages. But in my dreams, I don't really hear voices as much as I know what is being said - like reading a book silently rather than outloud, really.

Then, I never seem to dream about anything close to what I am thinking about at all! Like, why did I dream about Lee Harvey Oswald the other night when I had not thinken about him or even heard his name for months! O.o odd. Whatever I think about before I go to bed, it rarely enters into my dreams... very rarely.

One last thing. I have not had a nightmare in years and years! even with dreams about my own death. I consider a nightmare to be a "disturbing dream" but I have dreamt that I was shot and I woke up perfectly calm with it on my mind. (and No, I dont have a death wish - lol!!) But that is also odd because the subject matter seems to leave me unphased no matter what it is about!

Well, that's my entry of the day I suppose. I guess I am just to bored to come up with anything more exciting...Well, not bored as much as full of things to say but not able to share them.
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