January 13th, 2004



Last night was kind of odd. I couldn't sleep soundly at all - I even woke up with an uneasy start a few times around 4 and 5 am... I never do that. I havent had a nightmare in years. The worst part was that I couldn't remember what I was dreaming about.

That was the worst of it - the not knowing...


AAt least the whole night wasn't that way....well, it didnt start that way..I did enjoy the time around 11 or so pm. I was listening to music; and usually when I do so, I draw or read, but last night I just concentrated on visualizing my stories.

I was always told: "show, don't tell when writing". So, instead of desperately trying to conjure up words and phrases of interest, I just watched various scenes in my head like a movie. It was great! I wish my mind always worked so fluidly!! And I wish I could get the ideas down on paper...but they never come out as good as I want so I get easily frusterated^^