February 4th, 2004


Mono no...

I just can't get it out of my mind. We disussed it in class today and it is just so true for me!

Mono no aware - Sunt lacrimae rerum

Those lines describe my goal in life! I should write it on a scroll and hang it in my room. I only wish that "pilgrimage" was an acceptable job these days^^
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Screencaps are my friend *huggles*

Here is the key:

https://forum.cs.vt.edu/topic_show.pl?tid=8732 If anyone needs to know how to get caps: there ya go!!!

I am off to get some sweet caps of HIWATARI-KUN!!! and if I ever get the M&C movie, HOLLOM!!!!!!!! ^___^ I better go start right now!

*Megan rushes off with a huge genki smile \^.^/*
*is caught by her conscience by the sleeve*
*conscience looks angery...*
Conscience: Don't you have homework??
Megan: * <.< >.> runs from conscience!!*
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