February 21st, 2004


D N Angel stuffs

I finally stole "the library" (the external harddrive) and watched me some D N Angel! I <3 Hiwatari Satoshi XD

I will have to make some purdy icons/wallpapers and stuff with the screencaps ^.^ Addition: I just made one new icon! (I have no self-control at all - I have a ton of homework but instead I am sitting here playing in psp!! *^.^*

Also, along the line of D N Angel, I have been translating some of the manga (as I mentioned before). I am thinking of putting up a scanlation of Hiwatari's Side Story (it's a two pager) when I get it finished, but here's the general gist of page one:

-7 am
-Hiwatari Satoshi wakes up
-But because he has low blood pressure, he remains groggy for about 30 minutes until he is awake and bright eyed
-Then he makes preperations ready and goes to school
-Because he is naturally handsome, he doesn'y wash his face, brush his teeth, or use any other beautifying products
-He doesn't have any breakfast, but he still grows very fast. (Riku/Risa: No way! Note: The Harada sisters always need breakfast)

-He spends most of his days from Monday to Saturday at school
-He obtains love letters -Girls wait to ambush him
-He sits next to Daisuke and observes

-Morning ends!
-Lunch break
-He usually has bread (pan) on the rooftop
-Recently, he eats lunch together with Daisuke
-[something to the effect of] It seems unreasonable that he likes/hates [Daisuke]
Daisuke: You always have bread, don't you?
Note: Daisuke's mom makes him lunch
Hiwatari: It is a bother to have to make lunch
Daisuke: That's true, isn't it...

-School ends!
-It is time for him to go work as Dark has put out his advanced notice
-He goes directly to get in uniform [?]
-Other than that, he just goes home

(more to come later)
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