February 22nd, 2004


Depressed and jealous again!!

I should avoid the internet cause it takes up all my time from studying and it makes me jealous too!! (It doesn't help that I saw the mysterious "other Rock" from Katsocon and he nearly puts me to shame >.< I wish my pic could be on the internet too... Ok I will stop whining!!)

Cosplayers who I aspire to be like!!

From the cosplayers at: http://bukkorosu.net/onyoukai/cosplay/main.html
I want this!! One of Hokuto-chan's outfits I love the original pic its from too ^^

From the cosplayers at: http://www.seishirou.nu/yuuzai/
WAIII SeixSu!!
another one^^
Right out of the manga!
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