February 29th, 2004


End of DNAngel XD

I finally got to see the end of the D N Angel series today!! I was so! happy!! ^__^ The ending was so good ^.^ I went home with a bounce in my step and a smile, too! I am so thankful to Jess for letting me come see all those episodes XD You rock! And she even drew me pictures!! (see below - Yay its me and Satoshi XDXD) Jess, you are an awesome friend^^


and....I just cant get the last episode out of my mind ^_____^ It makes it hard to concentrate to do homework^^ lol Also, it makes me wanna cosplay! COSPLAY XDXD

I don't like midterms..I like drawing stuff^^

What do you get when you put Megan in her dorm room on a Sunday with a lot of homework ahead...?

-stays in her pajamas all day
-makes excuses for how she has more time to do non-hw things
-snacks on munchable things

-daydreams - way to much!!

It's Hikari Satoshi!
(Don't ask me why I dressed him up like Krad - I like that outfit^^)

Addition: 6:49pm: Whooo just took an online quiz and I am gonna be stalked by GTO!! O.o Well, he *was* kinda cute in the live action ^_~
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