March 11th, 2004


Gems and powers

It is enticing to wanna use gems to mae certain things happen. I always tell myself that they are nice to have to remember to cultivate certain characteristics...but to think they actually do that themselves is verging on the side of magic...

But it is so enticing! No wonder magical charms are so dangerous! ^.^ I still think they can be appreciated safely though and to help act as a way to focus one's mind on what they want the stone to do - kinda like a reminder but not as holiding that power naturally within themselves, neccessarily...or that's what I like to convince myself of^^

I am going through what semiprecious stones I have here:

Peridot- dignity, protection, dreams becoming realized (in my class ring)
Moss agate- appreciation for beauty (bracelet and cross charm along with an actual stone itself)
Amethyst- sincerity (Zodiac-birthstone)
Coral- emotional foundation, especially for children (bought in Croatia)
Garnet- self-illuminating, protects travelers (Calendar-birthstone)
Hematite- circulation (band-ring I wear all the time these days^^)
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