March 22nd, 2004


homework makes me tired

I just am out of the groove. I can't focus long enough to study more than 5 pages of work and I am feeling weary and bored.

This is not a good trend for a student! x.x

Why can't my classes make me feel energized instead? (*cough* like manga, Yoshida Shoin, or drawing?) I feel so alive when I study that stuff! (you can finish that sentence^^)

12 am
and I am already tired out. I guess it has to do with the adjustment. But I better adjust fast because there is much work to be done!

I am still in my huge Suki obsession XDXD and I have been doing lots and lots of thinking on my own manga as well, as you can see by the last 3 entries I have here..I shifted the plot a bit and hammered down the characters and their names - I think^^. Names are always subject to change with me^^.

And I *love* my current icon! XD It is Suki at it's finest \^.^/

And you can tell I am back at college cause I have the techno blasting in my headphones and piles and piles of books strewn accross my floor!! x.x Ilove being here I just hate having to "perform" in class for the grades x.x

Well, I give up studying.
I should sleep cause I am tired enough to but I will listen to music for a while! ^_^

I find the joy
I feel the beauty
and all you bring to me
Just where I belong
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Japan! and Florida!

I pretty much got the "A ok!" to go to Japan this fall-spring

I had my meeting with Niiro-sensei and he explained a bunch of stuff and sent me on my way and told me to behave myself there! :p *cheers*

Can we throw a party?

Not only that - I am working on making plans to visit my friend Claire in FL XDXD *squees* I am so excited!! And we are gonna go cosplay at a con together and everything! It will be awesome ^_______^ I am thrilled - thrilled! I want to plan!! XD I want to make cosplay costumes! XD

Ok I will stop raving now ^^
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In need!!

*Megan stands forth and delivers her plea*

One day I must do a Suki Dakara Suki cosplay of Asahi Hinata and an X cosplay of Sakurazuka Setsuka...but to do both I need a guy to cosplay with me!! - as Asou-san and Seishirou-kun!

I really wanna make the little blue school unfirom and tie a teddy bear on my back and genki-ly skip down the halls of a convention center in utter kawaii-ness XDXD (I know I have ranted on the kawaiiness of Suki and how much I love it..^^) But I can't do her cosplay without an Asou-sensei cause otherwise I'd just look silly :p

And Setsuka is so pretty in her long white kimono and big dark eyes XD She's so pretty and Japanese!!!

Those are my dreams
*sighs and hopes*
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