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March 29th, 2004

New Layout on the Way!

I am in the process of making a new layout - I am - for the first time in a loooong time - gonna change my color scheme!! But I have to to make it match the SuxSei theme I put up ^____^ I still love Hina but I love this pic even more (I am grateful to CLAMP for making it and for paintshop pro in editing it ^_~ buahaha)

More on the way! So keep an eye out ^____^
You know how on Iron Chef they sometimes have live ingredients (like fish, lobster) and they kill it and cook it in an hour?

Well, I learned that in some Japanese restaurants you can pick out fish from a tank and get your sushi made from it! Now thats what I call fresh! Call me scary, but I think that's so exciting ^___^ I wanna go!^^

Not so fun:
My grandmother, mom, aunt, and myself had to go through my greatgrandmother's jewlery and things tonight after the funeral and they told me to take things that I could remember Great-Grandma Funt by. The problem being, since my family has not associated with relatives on either side (the McCarty's of Gettysburg gang), I don't really have all that many memories of GG Funt...
But I foudn two necklaces that are special. One is a four leaf clover with green stones. it is in memory of how her and me could always find 4-leaf clovers (or so I am told that she could).
It's just hard cause my family is so...ugg.. disfunctional? And it hurts me to see everyone so hurt: my Grandma is sad, my mom feels sad cause she is sad..I feel sad cause they are both sad - blah!

So that was my day.
Another crazy one in my life.

Ran to class this morning, returned to my room after class to sleep for an hour but ended up making a new layout, ran to work and got there 5 mins late, crammed for a quiz about the koran that I botched, and ran out to Gram's and now I am back here!

So, I am rather *glad* to be back in my little room with my manga flanking my desk and my plushies happily sitting on my bed ^___^

now, to finish off my homework and to go to bed cause I am exhausted. Is it only Monday?... O.o

and I still have my cough.....but at least I have pretty sakura on my layout :D ^___^ ahh sakura....*drifts to sleep early*....

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