April 13th, 2004



It's only midnight and I am exhausted.

I suppose it always takes time to readjust back into a different schedule - but I better do it fast cause I just realized that I have two 15+page papers due next week. That's not even counting my other papers, projects, finals, homework, quizes, etc! Blah! Schoolwork is teh evil!

I'm sitting here at my desk with Horatio plushie on my lap (pretending that he's Hollom^^). My legs are sore - they aren't used to sitting here at the desk all the time...what 4 days away does to me! geez! I must re-train myself :p If there is one thing I can do, that is make adjustments and accomadate new stuff!^^ But...if that has to do with homework...um...I am less hopeful^^

I am all restocked with foodstuffs so that shouldn't pose a problem and that includes soda and combos ^.^ yum!

It is so near to the end of the schoolyear already?! My how it fly by! Really!! I can't honestly believe it!! It feels like mid-February! Seriously! I mean, it feels like I haven't gotten anything done though I have been bogged down in the regular classwork for weeks and weeks and my books went overdue without me realizing :p I will even have to return my Yoshida Shoin book sometime soon!! O.o

Well, I am feeling rather worn out so I am gonna listen to my M&C soundtrack and hug the Horatio (*cough*Hollom) plushie and make my way to bed...I wanna see Master and Commander again!! *angsts!* I had so much fun when I had snuck off to the theatre all alone to see it XD Just me and a few sets of middle-aged men and an old couple O.o But I was the first one there that cold December night and I stayed the last until the credits were about through!! Oh I get so emotionally attatched to good movies and even the credit music :p When do I get to see it again? Wheee I wanna see Hollom again!! *huggles plushie* Don't jump overboard this time!! *pleads*

Wow I am really tired..I am holding a conversation with a plushie...yeah I am gonna go to bed now...
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Every little bit counts I s'pose.
At least, that's the way I have been viewing my homework. Trying to work steadily on all the stuff I have but it goes so slow x.x My head feels like it is a human-date book - I have a ton of minute reminders, assignments, errands on the brain and they keep spinning about to make sure I haven't forgotten that they are there. In a way that's good, but it's really annoying! :p

And you'll note that I have yet another new lj layout - Hollom is back as I am impatiently awaiting the release of the master and Commander film in a week! ^___^

Oh there was a pretty rain outside today..unfortunately that's sorta annoying when I have to carry by backpack by hand and a load of textbooks in the other hand with the umbrella somewhere juggled between ^.^ Hopefully it will warm up a bit, though. Well, not too warm or else I'll get an infestation of large insects again >.<

...The coconut filled-chocolate egg is tempting me...but I only have one left and I wanna save it... :p

Can classes be over yet? These papers are starting to worry me...Why did I pick Kume Kunitake to write about? He's too straightforward - teehee^^ I shoulda gone with Yoshida-sensei again...lol! That's quality research there! *looks over at japanese book with Yoshida Shoin's writings* ahhh^_^
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