April 16th, 2004


Woohoo a fun survey!! and a very full day!

I stole this survey from: melnotmeli ^_^

8 Fictional Characters You'd Love To Hang Out With:
(for anime characters, see previous entry :p)

1. Paul Muad'Dib (Dune - book)
2. Dev Sibwarra (Star Wars: The Truce at Bakura - book)
3. Finrod Felagund (Silmarillion - book)
4. Frodo Baggins(LOTR)
5. Captain Nemo (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - book)
6. Dr. Jones, Sr. (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - film)
7. Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park - book/film)
8. Midshipman Hollom (Master and Commander - film)

6 Things On Your Desk:

1. Paper crane
2. Many various pencils, pens, markers, highlighters, fude brush pen...
3. Fruit snack wrappers
4. Medications
5. Sniper Wolf Figurine (from Metal Gear Solid game^^)
6. An advertisement for the manga 'Suki'

5 Places You'd Like To Visit:

2. Iceland
3. Co. Cork, Ireland
4. Southampton, England
5. Middle East/Asia Minor/Greece

4 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me:

1. It is my dream to sail a tall ship one day! In fact, I would be happy to sail on ships for a living!
2. I have a scar from an injury in a department store when I was 8 yrs old
3. About 5 years ago to the day almost, a flower was laid in my name on a small grave in England
4. I have gone shopping in Hungary!

3 Things You Wish You Had Right Now:

1. Master and Commander DVD (*impatiently waiting*)
2. More plushies: including a Muad'dib, Iron Chef Michiba, and Shoin-sensei plushies!!!!!
3. A whole kimono set (with everything from the tabi socks/zora sandles to the obi ita/makura and the juban and over layers as well!)

2 Names You Wish Were Your Own:

1. Deirdre
2. Keiko

Day Of The Week You Love The Most:
1. Saturday early morning ^^ as in until 4 am when I go to bed :p

And that's the survey!!!
I had a very full day today!

First: went to work, had to print out my homework, as my printer won't print a simple text document without yellow ink/! O.o? lol. Went from work to lunch, dropped off paperwork, met with Special Collections in Mussleman Library, ran into Akari and Sarah blowing bubbles outside Breidenbaugh Hall. Stopped and talked to them - they were indeed genki and playful^_^ I wanna be that cheery and open...I need practice first tho^^ When Akari, Yonezawa-sensei, and Masa-kun were chatting in Japanese I felt at home (even though I couldn't understand them). In class, Akari-sensei performed 3 japanese dances ( a marriage dance story, Sakura, and a famous classic song). After class we had a Japan Club meeting where we voted and also had a drawing workshop. I felt sorta like I did a bad job at it but I didnt have much place to do anything.

Other random things of the day: we had a prospective student at the Japan House, I emailed Hogan-sensei asking for help in finding the Shoin-sensei drama movie^^, spent dinner at the Diner with Laura and Sylvia bonding after and before some hard weeks, learned that a Senior Midshipman can also be the Master's Mate, was old by a friend that their brother thought I was "pretty" from the DC pics (to which my response was: O.o? hontoo? I never get called that by anyone :p lol!), copied a pic from the King Lear book, talked to Oliver for the first time in a long time on IM(hisashiburi desu nee!)!!

Also, my big news of the day:
Yonezawa-sensei handed me a little magazine with an article on manga/anime and their origins. I read it over and found it cool. Then I found a pic of a cosplay store in japan and got even more impatient to go! THEN, I kept turning and LOW AND BEHOLD there was a pic I recognized. It looked like a street in Hagi, Japan...I wondered at this and then saw that they had AN ARTCILE ON HAGI - THE HOMETOWN OF YOSHIDA SHOIN SENSEI!!!! I was sooooo ecstatic that I rushed into Yonezawa sensei's office and showed her the pics of Shoin's Shrine (Shoin Jinja) and his school (Shoka Sonjuku)!!!! She was a bit startled and confused but was glad I was so enthusiastic ^______^ And boy I was enthusiastic! I still am! I wanna go!! IKITAI!!!!! Waaaaaaaiiiii! I can't believe it - of all the things to have an article about in the ONE magazine I DO read - it is about my hero!! This has to be a message from God O.o maybe I AM meant to translate his works into English one day..?! YAY!!!!!!!!!! I would be so excited ^___^

So that's it all in a nutshell...a whole 17 hours worth of excitement in the life of Megan! lol!