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April 20th, 2004

APRIL 20TH 2004

Master and Commander has been released!
And I don't have it... O.o

Blarg I am starting to get impatient for it too ^.^ teehee
I will have to wait as long as amazon.com and home take to get it to me...

Let's see...what I am I looking forward to?

-Now that I know some and can differentiate between the officers/petty officers, I really wanna observe Hollom's character development ^.^
-Paying close attention to the music in the film this time around now that I have ingrained the soundtrack in my brain
-The Beetle!! I know I am gonna get teary eyed again...'such an insignificant thing such as this...beetle..'
-The line:"She's not old; she's in her prime" ^__^ waaaiiiii! sugoi!
-Hollom singing XD sugoi sugoi!!

-Hollom playing music!! *swoons*

I wonder how long before I actually will get to see it...man, I am getting depressed...I wanna escape this world of finals and papers for the time of the Napoleonic Wars!....hmmm...why must I be stuck in central PA without a car?!


Listening to trance music and I think I am finally beginning to understand it ^__^ (after how many months of being addicted...)

I finished my reading for 'Gender in Modern Japan' class (sometimes the readings are so intreaguing and sometimes they just make me feel dirty! lol) and my brain really feels like it has been fried...the trance music makes it feel all evaporated and free :p

I had an intense lunch conversation with a classmate over Tokyo babylon/X/Clamp - why shounen ai appeals to shoujo, ranting about how CLAMP is giving up on X, and such things^^ good stuff good stuff. Then, we all as a class sang "Haru ga kita" ^_^ It was Khan's class' day out to servo for rice^^ And I decided to make a mini-manga about Kume Kunitake for my presentation...it make me wanna do one for Shoin-sensei too - and about Shoin-sensei-
Apparently 'Yonie-chan' (Masa-kun's nickname for Yonezawa-sensei^^) told Hiraga sensei about my taking of the magazine with the Hagi/Shoin article. I was hanging out in Akari Hiraga sensei's office while Masa-kun played with all her Japanese yoys and she asked who that guy was in the mag and I piped up proudly: YOSHIDA SHOIN SENSEI! To which she almost chuckled and then told Masa-kun and they said stuff in Japanese again and then asked for his schools and I said: Shoka Sonjuku!! And they responded: Aaa... Then they proceeded to play with toys and speak in japanese and wait for Bellman-san and Sarah-san

That's Osaka dialect!

Wakaranai=Wakanaaaaaa'i! I dont know!
Arigatoo=Okini! Thanks!
Hontoo=Honma Really
Na'ne'ane! What/how/really?!

And that CHOTTO can be one of the most useful words in Japanese :3
Masa-kun:"When you don't want to eat something, just say ...'chot..to...'. But you need the expression. The expression by itself will tell them what you mean. Without an expression though, they will say 'Chotto...what?'"

Expressions=Words in Japanese!
^____^ = ureshii!!
~_~=chotto dame nan deshyoo

I love Japanese!!! I would huggle it if I could :p

....still waiting impatiently for my master and commander dvd......

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