April 22nd, 2004


Ramblings: M&C, HW, stuffs!

Today: a day much the same as yesterday. The main difference being that I had all my icky classes today^^ Well, Lowy-sensei's class is ok - we got to read hentai in class - lol (our class was on expoiting women/the sex industry in Japan) I also stopped by the library to pick up more books about Modern Japan/the Iwakura Mission and found my old friends:
Revolutionary Origins of Modern Japan
Van Straalen's Yoshida Shoin mini-book^^
I had to give them a friendly *pat pat* cause I know they get lonely ^.^
Other than class I was lazy and did minimal homework and this Chibi!:

So, hope everyone is doing ok! Hope lasts still because the weekend draws nearer and nearer!! :D
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I was bored and avoidant of my hw and was wandering the 'raad (Landsraad community on Dune) and I remember how awesome it was last spring ^_^ I'd be up till 2 am chatting with the count, stuff, navy, and the rest of the gang and it was so good! Wow how I miss it! I even miss having my sn Dew getting picked on by everyone and meeting new people and all....The random rants and word games and even the mood text and smilies and the whisper! I am getting all sad when I think how I haven't talked to them all in so long...It was a good group! We had good times! I will always think on those nights fondly <:) It just isnt the same being online without my Dune family at the 'raad... *nostalgicly sad* I think I am gonna work on my paper now cause it has to be better than this depressive mood! ^_^ Wheee incentive to work!
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