April 25th, 2004


'Things that make me mad' versus 'appreciation'

Okok I have to rant this.
There are two things I have seen in college which tick me off to no end:

--People who expect others to do their work for them. I just can't believe people would be so childish and immature! For example, in my Medeival Art class, we have to give presentations and there were people who did presentation with info from their class notes and then expected us to give them feedback on how to make their paper better - which the teacher had encouraged - and the class actually did as the presentor sat there and took notes! I wanted to scream! We were doing their paper for them! and they even used the professors visual examples! I bet they learned nothing they didn't have in their class notes! >.<

--people who use stuff they have researched for multiple things. Now I know I love Yoshida Shoin, but I don't reuse that paper for every class. I know a person who has written about Japanese education for every paper they have ever had so far - no joke! They even considered handing in the same paper for two classes! Now, I don't always do the best at research papers and yes I whip them up in a few days, but that is just wrong! I mean, it's like they only wrote the paper once and changed a few things the second time around! That isn't learning at all!! >.<

So, yeah, those things grate my nerves soooo bad!

On a slightly different note:
So after walking home tonight, I thought, of all the values in life the one I most cherish is appreciation. That's what I gained when in Croatia, it is something which religions should cultivate, and the key to all Japanese arts!

At least that's how I see it^^