May 11th, 2004


Two Finals done

Well, the one at 9 am and the one at 10 pm. Both are "done". And I am exhausted still^^

I didn't get much else done tonight, as I was cramming all day with random cathedral tympanums and reliquaries. x.x So I am gonna spend tomorrow emptying out my brain and refilling it from now on with facts about the Japanese education system and gender classifications.. And I am starting that now while listening to my music ^_^ ahhh!

"These things you've never seen
Never heard
Never dreamed
Memories of things
You have never known"

I should update visions...I am too lazy. I feel like sleeping again. I really don't know why I am so tired. Maybe from the studying. maybe from lack of at least 2 wholesome meals a day. maybe from spending too much time on IM. I have been getting to bed late cause I've been having too much fun talking to my new friend in Canada ^_^ yay!

But whatever the reason, I am rather spent and drained and finals are not even halfway done - woohoo - lol! I like college sometimes...not during finals...

I wish I had that "ureshii-genkii-ness in a bottle" that I randomly came up with when walking home today! ^_^ Yes I need a vacation lol!
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Inama Nushif

I spent the evening relaxing before the last dash of finals. I redid an Inama Nushif Icon set based on the "official" lyrics. The icon is just one of them... Mainly I used light effects, and only 3 have figures. I am happy with how they turned out but too lazy to post them right now. If anybody does wanna see 'em, just lemme know ^_^

The rest of the day I packed and my brother gave me some fun website links. The one was a flash site where you can "poke the bunny". Though it seemed kinda mean at first, it's surprisingly amusing! *pokes*

Sounds like things at my home are crazy and I am glad to be here away from the tension....

But tomorrow I must start cramming again and I really am not looking forward to it...

The weirdest part of the day (one of many) was when I feel asleep at 2 pm and dreampt I didn't wake up till 9 pm. When I actually did wake up only an hour later, I had lost all sense of time whatsoever. My brain was shot. ^^ It has been lately from way too much studying and thinking... O.o

Ok, off to go wander the net aimlessly and continue avoiding cramming ^_^
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