May 16th, 2004


Random yet living

Well, I am home.
The college semester is done, my computer is hooked up to the wired again, and all is well.
We had an interesting time getting home though O.o The car my brother and dad were in had an almost flat tire, so every 20 mins we had to stop and refill it with air..all the way from Gettysburg to West Milton O.o It took some time getting back home...
I went to church this morning and dad's sermon was rather different. Then me and Matt were taken to Perkins by gram n pap. That was fun and yummy ^.^ The afternoon I played some Zelda and chilled out.
Tomorrow I plan to take it easy and sleep in. Matt has school and mom n dad have a trip to Hershey to make, so I am on my own^^
It is kinda warm out, but though I am sleepy, I am also in this "unable-to-sit-still" mood. I got a new icon and I feel in an artistic mood...but I am just too tired! lol

That shall be my update for today, I suppose.
Though I still feel like there is something I am forgetting to do...